If One Conference Isn’t Enough, Try Two

We’re looking forward to attending the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC19) in Juneau, Alaska in June, 2019. Zephyr Conferences also produced the Wine Bloggers Conference held in Walla Walla, WA in October, 2018. Based on the how much that conference had to offer, I know I’ll enjoy my time in Juneau.

The Wine Bloggers Conference was a top notch event with thoughtful, entertaining sessions and excursions providing an opportunity to experience, first hand, some of the great things happening in Washington wine. They take their hospitality and wine industry very seriously in Walla Walla and they want to spread the word. Visit Walla Walla and Visit Tri Cities along with the Walla Walla Wine Alliance and Red Mountain AVA Alliance, as well as several good wineries, really rolled out the welcome mat.

Next year’s wine conference, now called the Wine Media Conference, will be in Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. If you can’t make that, consider the IFBC19 in June in Juneau. Or, if you can, why not attend both?

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