Washington State Wineries

Organized by Wine Region, City or Town

  • Key  to ratings. The first bracketed letter refers to environment and overall winery experience; the second bracketed letter refers to overall wine quality.
  • Having a winemaker/owner onsite, a view, a comfortable, interesting tasting room, and knowledgeable staff all figure in the rating for overall experience. Does not include tours.
  • Intensity, complexity, balance, structure, and originality are the criteria for wine quality.
  • TRO refers to tasting room only–no winery or vineyard onsite.
  • Date refers to date of last visit

Walla Walla

Caderetta (Downtown TRO)  [B][B]

L’Ecole  Historic winery, attractive building  [A][B]

Locati (Downtown TRO) [C][B]

Longshadow  An interesting concept, by appointment [B][A]

Mark Ryan (Downtown TRO)  [B][A]

Mansion Creek Cellars (Downtown TRO)  [B][C]

Reynvaan (release party)  No tasting room, Extraordinary wines [A+]

Woodward Canyon  Historic winery  [B][B]

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