Almost Gone!

roadThe day has finally arrived after many months of preparation. Tomorrow we head  out on the road on a quest to discover the regional foods and wines of the United States, seeking out what is unique about each location.

Why are regional foods and wines important? Local foods and beverages are a window into the culture, history, and geography of a region. Yet they are in danger of disappearing.

In the modern world we are global citizens migrating hither and yon bringing our culture with us as we move. Because of this movement of populations, we can now get New York pizza in San Diego, sushi on the plains of South Dakota, soul food in Paris, and burgers and fries in Tokyo. This is great for the locals who can experience the diversity of cultures without hopping on a plane, but it can make travel boring. It is a bit dispiriting to travel to an exotic location only to find the same  products you find at home.

Happily this tendency toward standardization and homogeneity for the most part exists only on the surface—with some effort, local regions can maintain their uniqueness despite the influx of new influences. As travelers, we just have to dig deeper and try harder to find it. And so that is the mission of Roving Decanter—to report on the foods and wines of the  United States that make their regions unique.

We hope you will join us on this quest.

Our first stop—Arizona and the wines and foods of the Southwest. Stay tuned.

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