Home Cooking With a Dash of Bittersweet

We arrived home in San Diego after 6 months on the road, just in time to see the sunset over San Diego Bay out our back window. After 10,000 miles, over 100 winery visits, several regional cuisines explored, a few extraordinary fine dining experiences,  two wine-related conferences, and lots of poking about in unfamiliar places, I’m craving some home cooking.

Of course, I carry my kitchen with me when I travel along with a deeply appreciative food and wine companion (my wife Lynn). I’m never far from my pots and pans. But when traveling, cooking takes a back seat to exploration and managing the logistics of mobility. Only when stationary does the time for preparation, planning, and availability of ingredients conspire with the presence of a wider network of friends and family to make cooking the most important activity of the week. Home cooking is not about where your kitchen is; it’s about whom you share your food with. I’m really looking forward to a few months of stasis.

The paradox is that while I long for home when we’re traveling, when at home I can’t wait to hit the road again.

Dissatisfaction is the spice of life, which is at its best when bittersweet.

Cross posted on Edible Arts on 12/13/2017.


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