Edible Arts in Europe

Pig’s Knuckle Photograph by Eat Your World

Tomorrow we take off for a month in Europe.

First stop is Madrid to begin a  week-long tour through the famed Spanish wine regions of  Rioja and Ribera Del Duero with a stop in San Sebastian, one of the food capitals of the world, where we have reservations at Michelin-starred Akelarre.

Then we will spend a few days in Côte-Rôtie so I can get my arms around the amazing but amazingly inconsistent French Syrahs of the Northern Rhone.

Next on the itinerary is Wroclaw Poland where I give a paper at a conference on food aesthetics at the University of Wroclaw. And then finally, a week in Prague–I’m looking forward to the beer and pig’s knuckle, oh and the architecture as well.

Posting the next few weeks will be intermittent depending on time and Internet connections and focused on, what else, the foods and beverages of these regions.

Cross posted on Edible Arts on 6/1/2016

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